August IPSY: yet another successful subscription experience

Mid-month is my favorite time for beauty! I receive a cute little ipsy make up bag full of goodies that fills my heart to the brim! This month, ipsy has stocked me with all the essentials to kick off autumn!


Doucce Eye Liner in Black | Jesse’s Girl Eye Primer

Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco | Hikari Lip Gloss [in Merlot]

Aila Nail Polish [in Mister Pookies]

Since subscribing to Ipsy, I have received a few Hikari branded lip glosses/sticks. They are highly pigmented and feel great on your lips! I haven’t gotten a chance to try the Argan Oil treatment but with the harshness of summer on hair, I can’t wait! Another one of my favorites is the nail polish. Aside from the beautiful shade of grey, this product is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

I also have to give a shout out to the eye liner for my killer smokey eye – you’re going to love this product!!

I’ve found some of my favorite beauty products through the subscription and highly recommend giving it a try!

B. K.

Baby [Fashion] Fever

Anyone else recently married and already feeling the pressure of having kids? No? Just me? Mmk.

For when the day comes that my husband and I actually have children, fashion is one thing I will instill in my offspring. There is nothing, and i mean NOTHING, better than children with style (okay maybe like health and stuff too…)

Here are a few of my FAVORITE kid fashion ideas for the fall! First of which is my darling cousin, Riley! How on point is her choice in hats?!


Other ideas gathered from pinterest…


kids scarf

Tip: Add a pop of color with an infinity scarf

rain poncho

Tip: practical and adorable. Stock up on rain gear


Tip: a dressy peacoat – more practical than you may think!

leather jackets

Tip: He’ll be the coolest guy on the play ground.


Tip: comfortable and adorable moccasins


Tip: when in doubt, add [faux] fur.

Style tips:

cuffed jeans

Cuffed jeans, cause they’ll grow, but look super cool while they do it!


Layers! When they’re chilly, add an article of clothing. When their warm (wait for it..), take an article off! Cardigans!

mixing print

Mix patterns… ’cause it’s cute & fun


Monogram… everything!

printed leggings

Printed leggings with a chunky sweater. Ahh the comforts of playtime!

wool shorts

A pair of fall shorts… & maybe a dog.

I might love shopping for little ones more than I’ll love shopping for myself [but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!]!


Back to Basics

In the past, I have had a BAD habit of buying wild prints, memorable tops, and special occasion (aka 1 time only) dresses. Since moving to our itty, bitty beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with basically no storage (not sure what people in the 20’s did with their stuff) I’ve had to re-think the way I purchase clothes. My husband, to no surprise at all, would say “just stop shopping”… In the words of Cher, “AS IF!!!”. Okay that sequence New Years Eve dress from Bebe was cute and all… but reel it in, Bailey!

I’ve refocused my shopping to stock pile the basics. I’ve also switched up my budget to spend more on high-quality basics that I know I will wear many, many times over.

Here are a few of my favorites that you must (M.U.S.T.) go out and purchase:

corinne tank

I never knew what love was until I met Urban Outfitter’s Silence + Noise Corinne Tank. I have two as of today… ask me again tomorrow.


The best dang tee you’ll ever buy!

levi jeans

Let’s not over-complicate this, okay? Levi Jeans are the only jeans you really need in your closet.

olive green jacket

Nobody, & I mean NOBODY looks bad in olive green.

black flats

While I love a good heel, sometimes the most practical option to get you through a long day at work or a casual happy hour requires a cute flat. I found these Vince Camuto ‘Felise’ d’Orsay flat at Nordstrom for under $100. Though they won’t keep you warm in snowy climates, they are a great accessory the rest of the year!

camel bag

Lastly, invest in a quality cross body. I prefer this Selma – Mini Saffiano leather messenger bag by Michael Kors. Camel is great for every season and can easily be dressed up or down. Just large enough for your wallet, cellphone and favorite lipstick, take it out for a quick bite with your friends or for a night out on the town.

Now get to shopping!

B. K.

Why it’s OK to be obsessed with Lauren Conrad

From her global efforts to her pretty clothing line, LC is the definition of who young girls should aspire to be!

She is a successful author, businesswoman and fashion guru. Here’s a few more reasons why it’s OK to be obsessed with LC:

1. She’ll help you get into your skinny jean!


2. Her fantastic shoe collection that is both edgy and sensible.

kohl's peep toe booties

3. Obviously, Laguna Beach: Helping all of us through our teen years.

laguna beach

4. Her Kohl’s collection: the perfect combination of feminine and modest.

LC Lauren Conrad Kohls clothing line

5. Her wedding was soft, timeless & undoubtedly beautiful from the color scheme to her simple hair do.

perfect wedding day look

6. LC gives back and creates awareness on global issues. Her contribution to charity work and female empowerment makes her a fantastic role model for all women. Check it out:

the little market


6 Outfits To Get You Through Autumn

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year! The trees are turning color, your coffee starts to taste like pumpkin, and the sun isn’t quite as harsh. It’s not quite sweater and boot weather but an extra layer becomes necessary.

Here are 6 ideas to totally kill it this autumn:


Tip: incorporate your favorite summer lace dress into the perfect autumn attire with just a few accessories.


Tip: Nothing says autumn like open-toed booties, check out Lauren Conrad’s perfect pair!


Tip: pair your spring skirt with a thin sweater


Tip: thin long-sleeve tees are your new best friend. My favorites come from Urban Outfitters


Tip: you have a few more weeks to bare those legs! Pair a simple, long sleeve dress with boots are you’re out the door.


Tip: invest in a jean jacket you love – it will get you through every season!

Incorporating pieces you already have in your closet will help keep this season budget friendly… so you have more cash for Starbucks, & stuff.


Black is Always The Answer; Friday Date Night – #OOTN

Hello fashion-lovers! Who else woke up to a raindrop covered windowpane? It may be gloomy outdoors but inside I have my favorite candle lit [Bath & Body Works – Autumn], my fur babies snuggled up beside me, & coffee brewing! From where I’m at, it’s all sunshine & smiles.

Last night we “celebrated”, with heavy hearts, J’s return as an MS2 by trying out a local restaurant. My best advice for hitting up a place you’ve never been: always wear black. You can’t go wrong!

Last night’s look:


Details | Skirt: MNG, Suit Collection | Top: F21 | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Bass


Beautiful decor, energetic atmosphere, & good wine. Plus, J’s monstrous meal…


What’s everyone doing this weekend? You can find me hiding away behind my computer screen.

Until Next Time,

B. K.

Don’t Mind If I Do.. Honeymoon.

Don’t mind if I do is the phrase I said at every meal, every day of our honeymoon as I passed the dessert table.


We are back from our honeymoon.. a little tanner, a little fatter & a whole lot happier! My new husband and I took off to Jamaica last week to bask in the sun at a couples only, all-inclusive resort. It was magically, really. We did nothing. Our favorite spot on the resort happened to be a favorite of all 70-something-year-old couples: the porch swings. With a view like this, do I really need to explain myself further?

porch swing view

Surprisingly enough, we spent a whole 45 minutes on the beach. Shame on us, we know. But when you marry a milky-skinned ginger, you improvise. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the sand and salty water either… the combination is very itchy.

We spent a lot of our days lounging by the pool with some fruity little drinks. I can only imagine the calories.


It was neat to be in another country during such an important holiday for the United States. Our resort went all out for Independence Day with food, decorations, and a bonfire on the beach. We even pretended to steer an imaginary ship for a photo op [anything for a photo op, am i right?!].

fourth of july party

Because drinking pool side wasn’t enough, we moved our efforts to the open waters for a Booze & Cruise good time. Only one person got sick and the wind was on our side.


The last night of our get-away, reality hit us square in the face so we “attempted” to act our age. A few Crown & Cokes later, Justin was belting his heart out while being held up by the piano. Proud wife moment.


And now we’re back.

Our kitties, while taken great care of, now reek havoc at all hours of the day to spite us for leaving. Soon enough, though, life will return to normal.

Until Next Time,

B. K.